Things to Read…

by Cate

Van Dyke Parks

Pitchfork can be something of a sore subject within music circles. Some people adore it for deigning to write actual music criticism, while others object to its insider-y snobbishness and predominantly white, male-centric perspective. Though their album reviews can be divisive, Pitchfork’s full-length feature articles are almost uniformly fantastic. The site’s most recent series, “Underscore” is devoted to covering the legacies of artists that various staff members believe have been unfairly overlooked. Previous entries focused on Portland, OR’s homegrown punks, the Wipers and art-rock freaks, the Residents. This week’s entry is devoted to L.A. songwriters Harry Nilsson, Van Dyke Parks and Randy Newman. As always, the article is entertaining, informative and full of trivia tidbits.

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