Just Because…

by Cate

Courtney Love, early ’90s

Regardless of how crazy she gets–and she certainly has craziness in spades–there is a part of me that will always love Courtney Love. I do not condone her drug use, her incessant trashing of Dave Grohl, sucker punching Kathleen Hanna, her lousy parenting skills or most of her public behavior, but Courtney is as close to a true female rockstar as I have seen in my lifetime. As a kid, seeing her on television howling into a microphone with her leg propped on a monitor and lipstick smeared across her mouth was a revelation. Her public persona and her associations with Kurt Cobain have made it completely impossible for her music to be judged on its own merit–and that is equally true whether you love her or loathe her. However, the fact of the matter is that she wrote three excellent albums and is a damned fine performer. (Plus, her voice can peel the paint off of walls, which is a trait I dig in my girl rockstars.)

I have a long piece on the girl groups of the ’50s and ’60s coming up this week, so I am just about maxed-out on Brill Building pop songs and Phil Spector’s Gold Star Studios/Wall of Sound but I came across this Hole cover of the Crystals’ 1962 single “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)” and I thought it was worth sharing.

Courtney always had the most amazing style, even if she and Kat Bjelland were just ripping off Christina Amphlett.