Things to Read…

by Cate


I have written about my admiration for Claire Boucher’s electro-pop in this space before and for those who are interested in learning more about her work, New York Magazine has a short feature on her this week. Boucher–aka Grimes–began her career as a member of Montreal’s ever-fertile art scene after dropping out of McGill University. As a student, she had studied electro-acoustics and developed an interest in music production. From there, she began making pop music under her nom de guerre, Grimes. In an era when most indie singers are still reticent to admit to marketing themselves, Grimes openly acknowledges that she pulls from her visual art background to create her DIY pop star image. As she says in the piece, wouldn’t it be cool if you could unite “a Fugazi-esque ethic together with Michael Jackson and BeyoncĂ©”? Indeed.

Read the article here.