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by Cate

Christopher Owens, singer and songwriter, announces his split from Girls via Twitter.

Owens–along with Chet “JR” White–is the founder and chief creative force behind San Francisco’s critically beloved indie band Girls. The duo’s two albums (2009’s Album and 2011’s Father, Son, Holy Ghost) earned comparisons to Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly and Brian Wilson, in addition to television appearances, licensing deals and innumerable magazine features.

Initially, critics and music journalists seemed taken by Owens’ peculiar back story. Raised as a member of the Children of God cult, Owens grew up almost completely removed from popular culture and technology. At sixteen, he escaped the group’s compound in Slovenia and moved to Texas, where he began immersing himself in American culture and developed a particular fascination with hardcore and punk subculture. After relocating to the Bay Area, Owens met Chet White and the two young musicians began writing songs together under the name Girls.

2009’s début, Album, immediately caught the attention of the music world. Owens demonstrated a savant-like understanding of pop song craft and a particularly acute sense of vulnerability and honesty in his music. His Little Boy Lost persona was bolstered by his candid press interviews, in which he spoke earnestly and unflinchingly of his struggles with heroin and personal relationships, including that with his mother.

By the time Girls released their 2011 follow-up album Father, Son, Holy Ghost, it was abundantly clear that Owens’ musical talent had grown and matured. Those who had dismissed the group as a flash in the pan at the start were now forced to confront the reality that Owens and White were innately talented songwriters and performers. The record topped many critics’ Best of 2011 lists and the group began touring with a full backing band, which included gospel singers.

Today, Christopher Owens announced via his Twitter page that he is leaving the group because he feels it necessary in order to progress. Little is known about what this means for Girls’ future or if there are other reasons for the split. Hopefully, though, this will not be the last we hear of Owens in the music world.

Source: Christopher Owens’ Twitter