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We Have to Talk About Kanye


It’s not him, it’s you.

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Something Has to Give


Generally-speaking, I try to keep the content of this blog relatively light in tone. There are qualifications to this statement, of course, and I have not shied away from delving into discussions of race, misogyny, beauty standards, and cultural biases when they have been relevant to the discussion of music or fashion. However, as a rule of thumb, I try to recall the fact that the overwhelming majority of people who visit this blog–and especially those who subscribe to it–do so because they want to read about music in a manner that is (hopefully) fun and informative. (Okay, the cats on album covers post was just plain silly, but you understand where I’m coming from.) The past few months, however, have presented me with a number of stories that have tugged at my soul and angered me to a point where I can no longer avoid writing about them.

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Crate Digging #6 – Girlie Sounds: Sex, Race and Phil Spector

The Ronettes, early 1960s

When I initially contemplated this series, I began with the intention of exploring areas of the music world I felt merited reexamination. Occasionally, this means that I choose to focus on genres and artists that have been overlooked in their significance (Twee Pop, Black Flag, New Jersey’s musical legacy) and other times, this means that I try and advocate on behalf of artists I feel have been unjustly maligned or inaccurately judged, as I did with the Grateful Dead. Rarely, and most difficultly, those two strains intersect to create a genre/artist that feels both critically under-appreciated and unfairly appraised as insignificant fluff. Such is the case with the Girl Groups of the 1950s and 1960s. Read the rest of this entry »


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